India's key B2B exhibition for the building industry
19 - 21 April 2018 • Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India

Breathing Cities

Focus: Express colours of your city through design intervention

Curated by: Ar. Dean D'Cruz and Reboni Saha, Mozaic Design – GOA

Ar. Dean D'Cruz

Reboni Saha


Colours add value to everything around you. Every colour talks of something, symbolises one and at times many things at once. Our day to day life is filled with colours, from food to clothes, buildings to boards. They all speak a language of their own.

We celebrated this association of colours to their cities through this competition 'Nerolac - Breathing City'.

The idea was to represent the colours of your city through an Architectural intervention for the city. A symbol, an utility or an architectural product, design something that will in its true sense connect to the flavor of your city, it's culture, it's colours. Get your thinking hats on and start doodling. Take clues from the variety of pallette of the Nerolac's latest range of paints.

Remember………Every city, every colour has a story to tell.

Design Brief:

WorldBuild-India launched a design competition with one of the largest paint companies in India and the leader in industrial segment, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited which invited designers from below mentioned cities to express colours of these cities through design intervention. A design should represent the character of the chosen city and represent it colorfully. The best ideas were awarded at WorldBuild-India 20-22 April-17 If the idea had scope of implementation, it will be carried forward by Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited.



Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Lucknow, Vishakhapatnam, Ludhiana,Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore & Panaji.

NB : Architects & designers based in any part of India can participate provided the entry / design intervention is for the listed city.


It must follow the below criteria.

  • It needs to use colour as a means of expression
  • The design needs to be an object or construct which will have a footprint in public domain.
  • It may carter to an observed need for society, improve an existing service of simply be a thing of beauty.

Whats the colour of your idea:

Your idea is a design that will have visibility in the public domain and needs to use colour as one of the identifying factors. Colours should be able to convey the uniqueness of your expression, and work with the city fabric at large.

Good design emerges from powers of observation and social connectedness. Your submission must clearly communicate the site in dimension, behavioral patterns around it and the analysis that made you come up with the design. It may assume the form of public furniture, product, structure or sculpture with a maximum ground footprint of up to 150sqft and a height of 10ft, with the exception of a sculpture which may extend to a height of 20ft.

Professionals will review ideas of readiness of implementation within reasonable budget, making it possible that your design takes its rightful please in public eye.

Design Parameters:

  1. Local social observations and reasoning behind idea.
  2. Site description and features along with movement of traffic or footfall.
  3. A unique colour palette.
  4. Can be a public furniture, a product or structure.
  5. Footprint of up to a maximum of 150 sq.ft., possibility of terrace if design demands it.
  6. Maximum cost for the prototype should not be more than Rs. 4 Lakh & choice of materials needs to be in proportion of at least 5 years of life span for it.

Presentation requirements:

  1. Proposed city in which your idea fits.
  2. Basic Site Plan showing surroundings and placement with roadside elevation.*
  3. Some key dimensions and details to better explain the design.
  4. Realistic view or three-dimensional spatial view.
  5. Suggested materials and construction, if critical to the design idea.
  6. Clear indication of how this is used/intended effect on surroundings
  7. Colour application and explanation.

* Please note that the site may also be hypothetical, an extrapolation of certain observed conditions based on city-centric interactions.

Prizes :

  • 1st - Winning Trophy + Rs.100000/-
  • 2nd - Winning Trophy + Rs.55000/-
  • 3rd - Winning Trophy + Rs.33000/-

Submission criteria and details:

  1. Submissions in soft copy as pdf or powerpoint with a minimum of 10 slides and a maximum of 20 slides, in A4 format.
  2. Anyone with design ( Architect/Product/Interior/Planning ) background** may apply in a group or as an individual, provided the presentation standards are maintained as described above.
  3. A low resolution*** soft copy of the presentation (.pdf/.ppt/.pptx) must be emailed to E:
  4. A CD / DVD / Flash drive to be couriered to BNCA by 5th March 2017. It shall contain the following under individual folders with the following alphabets  -

    Prof. Mahesh Bangad, (BNCA)

    Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women

    MKSSS's BNCA Campus, Karve Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411052. Tel : 020 2547 6966

  5. Soft copies of all drawings and visuals sent as TIFF files with second preference of JPG files in printable resolution of 300dpi.
  6.  Technical drawings, if any, should also be sent in the native DWG/DXF format and a 3D PARASOLID file if completed in a 3D format.
  7. A brief report within 300 words as a word file ( .doc/.docx ) to explain the concept, use of materials, colours in the design justifying important aspects considered. This needs to be sent as a JPG image file as well in case of problems in opening files.
  8. A repeat of the soft copy of the presentation sent earlier (.pdf/.ppt/.pptx).
  9. Copy/Scan image of the registration form.
  10. Passport size photographs of each of the participants, and brief bio-data and interest areas of the participants.

** Background can mean a graduate from a design school, this also covers people who are working in these areas even if they are not with formal degree.

*** Low resolution enough to keep the file size below 10MB for e-mail purposes. In case of higher file size an option of uploading to file sharing sites is to be considered with intimation given to the e-mail provided.